Hot Rod Drags: 

Roy Wilding Nostalgia Race Car Series.

Final Round: 17th-18th September '05



Friday and Saturday,

Team Twisted managed another early departure, again arriving at the track before 2pm on Friday. The Hot Rod Drags is always a popular event and we were looking forward to catching up with the gang.  We unloaded the Belle and set up camp for the weekend.

Aaahhh P&P get snuggy as the night chills down...










The Hot Rod Drags is a two day Run-What-Ya-Brung style event featuring Hot Rod's, customs and radical cars from the the hot rod scene. The Wild Bunch provided a formidable sight of Nostalgia style racers with our wide variety of machines ready to compete. As it's a busy event we knew that in order to get the most out of the day we had to queue early and the day turned out to be pretty busy, kicking of shortly after 10a.m. We had fitted our new distributor to complete the new ignition system and get the rev limiter operational. We warmed the Belle up in the morning and checked out the ignition timing, dialing in a conservative figure to match the old HEI dizzy. The first pass turned out to be pretty sweet running 10.34 @128mph and the second pass netted an almost identical time of 10.35 @ 128mph.



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Helen, Dave and the Belle at the photo' shoot


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Gettin' 'em sticky...

Team Twisted, that's romantic that is....



Dean and his two favourite girls.

Our panorama shot of The Wild Bunch.

!! Nostalgia Rules !!

The afternoon continued and we queued again to record a slightly slower 10.51 again at 128mph. Although the e.t. was down slightly this was the third pass of the day with 106mph at the 1/8th mile and 128mph at the 1/4.

The final run came in the sunset at 3 minutes past 6p.m. The summer evening saw us get back on target with a 10.33 at 128mph and this completed the set: Four runs with half track and full track mph all within 1 mph of each other. It looked like the new dizzy was going to help consistency......

Straight after the track closed the whole of the Wild Bunch headed down to the end of the track for a photo shoot. This year is the tenth anniversary of the Wild Bunch and the plan was to get as many of the teams together for the photo...... It was a superb sight with all the teams together, professional photo's will be available, but you can see our amateur "multi shot panorma" at the foot of the page.

After the photo shoot we headed back to the pits, had a few beers and chilled with the Bunchers...



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Sharkman doing what he does best.