The Mini Showdown

Wild Bunch Round 4 and Real Steel Round 6

Friday 15th July '05



Thursday and Friday.

Team Twisted took a detour on the way to the track.. We left on Wednesday night and went via Loughborough! Dean's graduation ceremony was held on Thursday and the whole team and the Belle went to watch, but the Belle had to stay in the car park. Dean received his Masters Degree in Automotive Systems Engineering (with a Distinction) in the sweltering heat, before celebrating with fine food and wine.

Dean receives his Masters Degree and Top Student Award..... Ooooo smarty pants!










As always the "whole" team includes Pooky and Penny, and Pooky was not to be out done and wore his matching graduation outfit. It's not the first time Pooky has strutted his stuff at a graduation ceremony since he first graduated 10 years ago (B.Sc. in Psychology) with his mum.

A great  time was had by all including the Belle who received some welcome attention in the car park.



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Another girl on wheels! There's no stopping them!



Little did the Uni know but it was a joint effort...

Attack of the giant spiders!

Just in case we forget... (just like our other team motto... "Righty-tighty, lefty-loosy", just for those with memory issues...)

Since we had the whole day off on Friday, we had a leisurely drive to the track which was as empty as we've ever seen it. Christine took full advantage of the open pit area for a spot of inline skating, whilst Helen and Dean had a fight with the biggest spider's web you've ever seen! Okay, so it was awning lights really, but it wasn't easy!

The team also applied their new stickers to the van (thanks to Demonscream) in time for their visitors tomorrow.....


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