The Power Nationals

 Ultimate Power Series Round One

16th/17th April '05



Friday Evening.

We arrived at the track quite early and as the first of the Bunchers, we headed to the extended area of the pits to set up camp. We unloaded the car, put up the awning, and made Chris put her tent up all by herself.... Only joking! we all got stuck in and got everything ship shape in time for Twisted Crew Dave to arrive (with our order from the Off License!)

Chris has to put her own tent up.










All the paraphernalia we drag around with us seems to fill up our Bongo Van quite quickly, and although the roof swallows quite a lot of stuff (including Helen), plans are afoot for bigger transport. Watch this space!

As usual Pooky and Penny have got the best job just sitting pretty in their new team shirts made by their Grandma Christine (a.k.a. Twisted Crew Chris).

After all the hard work of setting up, bedtime came around quickly and as it looked like it could be cold, we all wrapped up warm.



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Pooky and Penny showing off their new team shirts.



We need a bigger van... and whose are those legs?

Dean prepared for bed, it could be chilly...

Smoke those tyres! We finally coax some smoke from our girls.

The first qualifying round for the Wild Bunch was called for about 1:30pm and we dialled in 12.90 we were rewarded with a 12.94 @ 99.35mph which put us in No.1 qualifying position after the first qualifying round. The second round call up took another couple of hours and we ran a 12.95 @ 98.81mph. No one got closer to their dial in, so we remained No.1 qualifier.

The Wild Bunch are celebrating their tenth anniversary and commemorative T-shirts have been made to mark the event. They are pretty snazzy and are available from the Backdraft Bus at the track, or directly from Claire at an amazingly good value price of 10. (all the beautiful people are wearing them this season, so get yours a.s.a.p.)


The effects of a long day crewing and pushing seemed to take their toll on Crew member Chris (left) or was it the shock of Chris's flash? You decide.....

Wild Bunch T-Shirts (as modelled by Crazy Chris) are now available from the Backdraft Team

Crewing is such hard work....

Read what happened on race day..