Wild Bunch Round 3, Real Steel Round 4

& Roy Wilding Nostalgia Round 1



Monday Morning

Monday started with a wake up hair wash for Dean. The weather looked like another great day. We needed a good few hours to continue to remove the rear axle from the car in order to re-align the prop-shaft housing.  Whilst the car was in pieces, we had a visit from Tim and his family, followed by Helen's friend Rebecca arriving for her unexpected crew lessons...

Neither of these visitors had ever been drag racing before but realised that a car with no wheels is not a good start!

A fresh start to the day with a nice cold hairwash. brrrrr!










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Whilst Dean carried on working on the car, Helen, Rebecca and Christine went to do some spectating and got ready for lunch.

After about 6hrs of work Hell's Belle was back together. Although we had missed the first two rounds of racing, Helen got back in the seat and put in a couple of "half" passes, driving gently past the eighth mile. Against our dial in of 15.0 we ran a 14.5 and a 14.3. 



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Monday and it's still coming apart before going back together! 




Lunchtime (or is that feeding time at the Zoo?)


Despite the rather scary track, we had a great weekend and would like to thank all those who assisted us through the weekend. Congratulations to  the winners and runners up, who included two of our fellow rookie teams, "fReQ Racing" and "The Black Pig". Due to some more work on the car, we won't be at the next two meetings but will be back out at the Nostalgia Nationals. (see our events page)

Helen and Rebecca, another first time drag racing visitor.

Back out with car in one piece and a new pusher! (and she thought she was just spectating...)

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