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Track Key:

    Shakey =Shakespeare County Raceway.

    The Pod = Santa Pod Raceway.

    York =York Raceway

Series Key:

    WB = Wild Bunch Series

    RWNRC = Roy Wilding Nostalgia Race Cars Series

    UPS = Ultimate Power Series

    RS =Real Steel Series

    MSA =Motor Sports Association National Event


March 19th/20th: Season Opener Test and Tune at Shakey

April 16th/17th: "Power Nationals" UPS Round 1 and  RS Round 1 at Shakey (MSA)

May 14th/15th: "American Car World Nationals" WB Round 1 and RS Round 2 at Shakey

May 29th/30th: "UK Open Nationals" WB Round 2, RWNRC Round 1 and RS Round 3 at York

June 18th/19th: "Shakespeare Nationals" UPS Round 2 and RS Round 4 at Shakey (MSA)

June 25th/26th: "Summer Nationals" WB Round 3 and RS Round 5 at The Pod (MSA)

July 2nd/3rd: "Nostalgia Nationals" RWNRC Round 2 at Shakey

July 16th/17th: "Mini Weekend" WB Round 4 and RS Round 6 at Shakey

August 6th/7th: "UK Northern Nationals" WB Round 5, RWNRC Round 3 and RS Round 7 at York

August 27th/29th: "Custom Car Nationals" WB Round 6, UPS Round 3 and RS Round 8 at Shakey (MSA)

September 17th/18th: "Hot Rod Drags" RWNRC Round 4 (final round) at Shakey

October 1st/2nd: "National Finals" WB Round 7 (final round) and RS Round 9 at The Pod (MSA)

October 15th/16th: "Club Day, Test and Tune" RS Round 10 (final round) at Shakey

October 29th/30th: "Halloween Showdown" (fun only) at Shakey



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