Wild Bunch Round 3, Real Steel Round 4

& Roy Wilding Nostalgia Round 1



Sunday Morning started fine and dry, we joined the queue with Alec and Kevin as the track opened at 10, and Helen's first pass was at 10:28am After having a walk down the track the previous evening, we had decided the first pass would be a slow check out pass and Helen recorded a 15.43 @79mph. Confidence grew and at 12:15 the second pass was a 13.18 @99mph. Pretty much on form for the car at the moment but a very squiffy first 60ft.

Burnouts getting better each time.....











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Sunday Afternoon continued after a spot of lunch and Julian's clan arrived to lend support. (A friend of Dean's from Uni) The third pass was 13.23 @99mph, again par for the course. By this time Helen had let Dean sit in the car for the long tow back to the pits from the top end. (many thanks to our tow car for the day, courtesy of Alec, Kevin and crew).

Fourth and final pass of the day was shortly after four and ran a 13.35 @99mph to confirm the pretty good consistency of 3 passes within 0.17. Not bad for us!

Unfortunately after the finish line things went a bit wrong and Helen got very badly out of shape with the car bouncing, rocking wildly and no longer pointing the right way. Top end witnesses thought it was going to roll, but the car eventually came under control to rest the right way up.

Unfortunately when pushed to the side of the track, a nasty grating sound was coming from the prop-shaft area and after the bouncing, Dean wanted to check out the rear end for damage. Crew member Christine got stuck in helping Dean, and as the axle came apart the Wild Bunch technical committee convened around Hell's Belle to assess the damage......



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The long tow home to the pits takes the scenic route and about 8 minutes of slooow driving.




Ooooo, is it broke?


Julian, Dean, Helen, Lucy and Steve, drag racing virgins broken in nicely on Sunday!

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You won't get far in that.....