The Hot Rod Drags: Roy Wilding Round 4

Saturday 18th September '04



We woke up on Saturday morning and as it was dry we got the Belle ready and warmed her up. It rained before we could get into the staging lanes. The dampness in the air was always present and we eventually joined the queue just after lunch.

Twisted Dean and crew Dave get ready for the warm up on Saturday morning.





The evening......

Sarah, Clare and Co. had organised a themed pit party for Saturday night. In the spirit of the event we got dolled up as characters from the film Grease and joined the other "Greasy Bunchers" for what we thought would be a few drinks. It turned out to be a full enactment of the film, including pyjama party for the girls! The party meandered though the pits, stopping off at Roy Wildings 50th Birthday party and then the Disco for an rendition of "Grease Lightning". A great time was had by all and when Helen and Dean headed off to bed, they left crew members Christine and Dave boogying in the bar till the wee small hours.....








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When we joined the queue we stopped just outside the burger van. This proved to be handy as we spent the rest of the entire afternoon in the same place! (in the queue not in the burger van)  As the track eventually became drier it was opened to cars with treaded tyres only. As we waited in the queue more and more muddy cars were allowed to run and the track became dirty instead of wet and the slick tyred cars where still not allowed. At about four o'clock the rain drops on Helens face sent her driving back to the pits and Team Twisted packed up for the day after about 4 hours of stationary queuing.



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The view for Team Twisted ALL day Saturday ...


Just remember, they are all somebody's daughter.... (apart from Lee)

Grease is the word, and them chills were multiplying, especially by midnight! brrrr!.

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