The Hot Rod Drags: Roy Wilding Round 4

Sunday 19th September '04



After the drivers meeting it was agreed that because the Hot Rod Drags is such a busy event, the teams would get out and get their runs in  at their own pace rather than try and appear together.

The weather looked clear and warm and stayed dry all day allowing most Bunchers to get four runs.

Team Twisted showing off their sweatshirts. .......

Christine and Dean discuss the finer points of looking cool in front of the crowd.......





After a good days racing, we packed up the car, tent and other gear.

We attended the prize giving ceremony by the Backdraft bus. Had we not had the one poor pass we thought we could've been in with a chance. When we heard Tony Smith had been placed fourth we thought we didn't have much hope, but our luck was in and Team Twisted won Third place for our efforts. The Black Pig team came second and Joe Stevens won the event. Congratulations to all Bunchers for another day of great racing!

The results for this, the final round of the Roy Wilding Nostalgia Race car series also finalised the championship positions, which are as follows:

1st: Joe Stevens, 2nd: Stephen Field, 3rd: Helen Smythe (wahoo!) and 4th: Mike Creswell. That's three rookies in the top four places, so lookout guys for even closer racing in 2005!








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Our first pass was 12.76@100mph only 0.01 off our personal best. This was a marked improvement over our recent form and was due to a few changes in the carb jetting.

The track was busy, and we decided to keep lapping in order to get the runs in. With a 2 hour wait for the next pass, the decision to stay out was a good one. However, the next pass was not too good with Helen recording a slower time due to a missed shift.

After another 1.5 hour wait for the third pass we got back on form with a 12.86 and finally a 12.79 from our last pass just before four o'clock.



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Christine observing the instructions for the burnout/staging procedure.


The burnouts are getting better, but not in Joe or Tony's league just yet...

Back at the burger van for another  potato packed lunchtime....

Our third place trophy... complete with Roy Wilding Birthday inscription.