The Northern Nationals: Roy Wilding Round 3, Real Steel Round 8 & Wild Bunch Round 5. 7/8th August '04


Friday Evening

After the long drive up to York, we finally arrived at the track at about 9:30 pm. We had picked up crew member Twisted Chris from Hull on the way and put her straight to work putting up the tent.... in the dark...... on concrete..... After finally securing the tent to a sliver of grass the team settled down for the night for a well deserved rest.

Pre-racing chit chat with Chris, Claire and Tony, who can psych who eh?






Learning from our experience on Saturday we tentatively dialled in at 13.75, a full second slower than our usual fastest in order to allow the two girls to cruise the bumpy last 1/8th mile and shut down area. With "manual" throttle/timing estimates we were not hopeful of any real consistency. Helen managed a couple of good passes coupled with a very high and very low pair of runs.

Racing through the weekend unfortunately saw technical problems for a few teams including; Trespasser (on their maiden outing), Destiny, and fReQ racing... best wishes for a fast turnaround for all those teams..








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Team Twisted intentions for the York meet were to attend, get the points for the championship but not to break any personal bests or try and compete too hard. After the previous meeting at York, we knew Hell's Belle was not keen on the bumpy surface at York and we didn't want to upset her. With this in mind Helen ran a selection of 4 "half passes" cruising from the 1/8th mile to record times ranging from 13.26 to 13.99 .



 Racing Links

The girls ready to roll it down the ol' quarter mile ...


Our first ever place in the points, with Second Place.  And another great "Best Reaction" trophy for the team. 

Many thanks to the B-Sting boys for tow-backs through out the weekend, much appreciated.

Ready for the off on Sunday.

Twisted Chris on duty.

Ahhhhh... oh yeah, that's better! Cool guys in the cool pool.... courtesy of the Backdraft en suite leisure complex.

The heat is on..... hot hot hotty hot!

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New for this report, video clips: The links below will play you a video clip of Helen racing at York. You will need the Windows Media Player to watch the clips.

It's not all champagne and  glamour for those upcoming sporting heros..

the results....

Helens great reaction time of 0.53 (or +0.03 on the 0.5 tree at York)once again earned her the best reaction award. We were then thrilled and somewhat surprised to hear that we had come second place in the Wild Bunch competition that day! A great result for the team and warm congratulations from the other teams rounded off another splendid weekend's racing with the best Bunch of Wild racers around!

Click here to see a low resolution video clip. (0.3Mb)

Click here to see a medium resolution video clip. (2.9Mb)