The Mini Nationals: Real Steel Round 7

 & Wild Bunch Round 4. 18th July '04



Another promising day weather-wise and the team set about getting Hell's Belle looking good and setup ready for racing. The first pass was soon after eleven am and we recorded a 13.22 @98mph, which was about 0.3 off the dial in, not a great start.

Crew member Chris and Helen give the Belle a morning wash.





We were not placed in the top four points (we came 5th) but the last run managed to bag the team two trophies, "Closet to Dial in" and "Best Reaction". Being 1/1000th off the dial in was impressive but we weren't the only ones to achieve it that day and we shared the "Closet to Dial In" award with the B-Sting team,

....but our third run saw every thing coming together nicely, not only did Helen pull a 0.041 reaction, but she ran a 12.929 on our 12.93 dial in, managing to get within 1/1000th of our target.

Rain stopped play before the fourth round and Claire (the Wild Bunch co-ordinator) calculated the results on the three rounds already completed.


The two trophies that we came away with on Sunday ...







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The second round of racing proved to be better with a 12.97 @99mph. Much closer to the dial in at only +0.04...



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Crew Chief Dean and Chris start the bonding process early on Sunday.



It takes real co-ordination to get the whole team looking at the camera at the same time!

Heave me hearties heave!!